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Royal Revolt! v.


In the Royal Revolt strategy game with elements of Tower Defense, you act as the young prince. Your father sent you to learn magic a private school in Bogsmartse. So he plunges in a stained and mediocre aristocratic atmosphere. After receiving a Magic degree he returns to the land of his father and finds everything changed! His father died and his vile uncles and aunts have divided the kingdom between themselves. His relatives suggest him to go back to school, so young prince gathers the faithful soldiers to throw evil villains from the castles.


- Use a simple touch controls;
- Command and control soldiers;
- Battle Magic will allow you to heal, stun or destroy;
- Upgrade your hero, knights, and spells;
- Conquer all 58 locks to become a real King.

Language: Russian, English.
Requirements: Windows Phone 8.
Size: 284 MB.

License: Freeware

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