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Rocket Island


In the arcade mobile game Rocket Island you find yourself on the planet Earth which had survived the global cataclysm. Due to the climate change almost the entire surface of the land was under water. On a small island a few people were saved, but there was no point to stay on the planet, since the climate was extremely unstable. Moreover, the meteorites periodically fall on the land, the tsunamis strike the shores and craters are formed in the ocean. All this reasons reduce already small island. As a result, the survivors decided to move to the moon. Your job in mobile game is to help with the implementation of all plans for what you have to build the launch sites on the island and launch missiles from them to the people on the moon.
You need to perform a task in several stages of mobile download: first, on the pieces of the island, covered with yellow sand, you need to grow grass, and then put spaceport on the lawns. When the ground is ready, you can begin to build a rocket, which you will launch later. Next on the voids left in the launch of a rocket, you must re-create new cells of the island. You can independently define the number of cells with which you work, and the complexity of the mobile game depends upon that. The main difficulty in the game comes down to determining the correct sequence of actions.

Language: ENG
Compatibility: Android 2.2

License: Freeware

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