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Revival Deluxe


Revival Deluxe is a big action in its scope in which you are taking a direct part, you create the history of the whole world! You will build and develop mighty empires and destroy prosperous states. The science is killed, but rises again, the fierce wars don't stop, billions in capital are aerned and lost at once. After enduring uninterrupted battle for a place in the sun, you can find a truly absolute power.
Investigation of huge continents and even whole planets, the building of cities, the development of science and study of new technologies, maintain the economic balance and bloody expansion to capture the universe - everyone will find something to their taste. Invincible general or inborn diplomat, the talented economist or crafty politician - you choose your destiny in such free mobile games. Revival: how many years you will
need to force the half-naked savages to build a space ship?

- Game in the tradition of "Civilization";
- Vast expanses of war and peace for development - 10 planets and 34 mainland;
- The widest variety of tactics: 4 types of cities, 21 species of military detachments, 25 species of urban buildings, 27 types of terrain;
- Subject campaign of 9 new missions with forty intermediate;
- Advanced artificial intelligence, adjustable difficulty level, to play against seven opponents simultaneously;
- All the charm of this turn-based strategy: mining resources, building of towns and development of science, the fighting on land and at sea, experience and upgrades;
- The new and improved graphics and great music.

Compatibility: 240x320 Android 1.5+

License: Freeware

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