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Longbow - Archery 3D v.1.2, ARMv7


Longbow - Archery 3D is a simulator of shooting in targets with a bow. Check your skills and train your shooting abilities. You should not just aim, but also estimate the direction and speed of the wind. External factors can be notices with the help of trees, which are swaying, sound of wind or the hint at the bottom of the screen. Each level consists of 4 rounds plus one bonus round. Use your fingers to aim and shoot. You can select among three complexity mode and a Robin Hood mode for more complicacy imitating the most real shooting. You can score a maximum of 130 points in the game. You can earn an extra 10 points if you manage to strike the apple.


- Arcade/Simulator game;
- Fun and realistic 3D archery game;
- Leader board;
- 3 complexity levels;
- Slide finger across the screen;
- Shots from different angles;
- Various distances to target;
- Nice graphics;
- Good soundtrack;
- Bonuses.

Requirements: Android 2.2+.
Language: ENG.

License: Freeware

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