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Batman: The Dark Knight


With the new Batman film almost upon us, we're gearing up once again to be reminded that The Joker is, in fact, a far more entertaining character than Bruce Wayne. It's not Bruce's fault, but the dark, depressed, serious (why so serious?) antics of a billionaire in tights can't possibly compete with the laugh-a-minute terrorist high jinks of Jack Napier.

We've already had a play of Glu's The Dark Knight so this is really just about the new screenshots that we've uncovered. But if you can't be bothered to read our past articles, here's the lowdown:

The typical Bat-Arsenal of comically titled Baterangs, grappling hooks and Kevlar-coated fists and feet are present in full fury, but it's the promise of stealth action that makes this latest Batman game intriguing.

The Bat is apparently able to use the shadows to not only take The Joker's henchmen by surprise, but to instil a sense of fear in them.

If it plays out as something of a mind game as well as a Bat-beat-'em-up, it could make for an entertaining night out in Gotham city.

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License: Freeware

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