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Doodle God: Planet v. (Cracked)


Here you’ll find the ability to create completely everything! In this exciting game for all ages at your disposal are fire, earth, air and water - combine items together and get new items to build a civilization!


- New interface and graphics!
- The new regime "Puzzle". Can you get the final item?
- A new job for survival with three different endings. Select a desert island in the middle of the ocean!
- New quest "The greatest invention." Create invention each
decades of the 20th century!
- New puzzles. Create locomotives, skyscrapers, and much more.
- Have the new elements of fire, earth, water and air to create your world!
- Create more than 300 members!
- Intuitive gameplay in a single click allows you to concentrate on the intelligent and creative game!
- Hundreds of interesting, funny and wise quotes and sayings!

Language: RUS
Genre: Puzzle
Requirements: Windows Phone 8/Windows Phone 8.1
Size: 119 MB
Developer: JoyBits Co. Ltd.

License: Freeware

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